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Can Mata is a house located next to the church of Sant Pere de Les Preses, in the region of La Garrotxa.

The first documentary evidence we have of Can Mata dates from 971, and it was the house of the former landowners and mayors of Les Preses. However, the current building is from the 17th and 18th centuries. During the 19th century, Can Mata was the residence of notaries, solicitors and Carlist generals.

Can Mata is a very elongated building. On the main façade there is a linteled doorway, and windows of worked stone. There is also a gallery and a corridor that links the building through some arcades.

During the Spanish Civil War, between the years 1937 and 1938, the General Staff of the airfield next to Les Preses was established in Can Mata. In addition, in the spring of 1938, the headquarters of the 15th International Brigade was also established in Can Mata.

One of the illustrious characters who was in Can Mata was the political commissary Josif Broz. Josif Broz was better known, during the Second World War, as Marshal Tito, who presided over Yugoslavia until 1980.

In total, during the Spanish Civil War, Can Mata hosted about a hundred people, including officers, airmen and “camouflaged” military personnel (members of the special section). All of these military personnel had no contact with the civilian population of Les Preses.