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Cal Sobrestant, also known as Can Sánchez, is a building located at Carrer Sant Pau, 22, in the centre of Vilassar de Mar, in the Maresme region.

Cal Sobrestant’s house is made up of a ground floor and two floors. The whole building presents a great symmetry marked by the entrance door, a balcony and the crowning of the facade.

We can highlight, from this building, the wrought iron work, which is different on each floor. On the ground floor we can see grilles decorated with garlands. On the first floor, the railings are decorated with floral elements, and on the second floor, in the double windows, there are iron sheets in the shape of lilies.

We can also highlight the cornice of the building, where there are corbels, a stone railing, and the neoclassical graffiti crown with a circular pediment.