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Cal Bord is a house located to the west of the cemetery of Les Preses, in the region of La Garrotxa.

Cal Bord was a country house, where its inhabitants were dedicated to agriculture and cattle raising.

During the Spanish Civil War, in the spring of 1938, the family that lived in this house took in 16 members of the Special Section of the 15th International Brigade, also known as the “Death Section”.

The members of the “Death Section” were of different nationalities, and were commanded by a Frenchman of Spanish origin. These military men ate and slept in the attic of Cal Bord.

Between March 14 and April 14, 1938, these soldiers received guerrilla training to be deployed on the river Ebro. Among the training, there were mountain marches, river crossing, blasting, hand-to-hand combat, etc.

When the Spanish Civil War ended, the Franco dictatorship executed two members of Cal Bord’s family. In addition, they were also requisitioned the haystack to be able to keep barbed wire.

The French officer of the “Section of Death” of the army of the republic, who resided in this house during the spring of 1938, was arrested during the war and was locked up in a work camp. Despite being locked up, this French officer managed to escape during the winter of 1940. Before fleeing to France, this officer stayed a few days at Cal Bord, and in gratitude for their welcome, he left them a sum of money before crossing the border into France.