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El Soler de n’ Hug is a family farm of Prats de Lluçanès dedicated to agriculture and livestock. We cultivate the fields with fodder and cereals to feed most of the cattle. We have about 50 pig-fattening sows, a herd of 800 ewes and we milk about 60 cows dairy. We want to be as self-sufficient as possible, which is why we recently we launched the first nearby sheep and goat slaughterhouse.

To close the circle, we sell our products to Taulell del Soler, a butcher shop in Prats de Lluçanès. We offer all the meat we produce, as well as milk. We also make sausages with the meat of our pigs.

We are eager to show what we do: work from the field to offer the final product. We don’t renounce to the new technologies without entry to the big market.

For this reason we encourage you to take a guided tour of our farm, within the framework of the’ Milk Route of Lluçanès’. We will show you where we came from, what we do and how we do it, finishing with a taste of our products.

For all ages, and all over the world, it is good to know where what we consume comes from. We want to teach you, and also learn and improve with you.

Plaça Onze de Setembre, 5

Tel. 93 850 80 42

Prats de Lluçanès