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Cal Janet is a delicatessen butcher’s shop. We have more than 50 years of experience working with the best meat from the nearby cattle ranches, currently centred with the magnificent Duroc pork meat.

Our specialty is the production of pork products, from the most classic and traditional, both cooked and cured, adapting the formulas used by our ancestors to the demands of today’s public with the desire to offer tasty fuets, pork and wild boar sausages, chorizo, sobrassada, cured loins and the whole range of bulls and black or perol sausages (butifarres).

We like to play with combinations of textures and flavours, combining seasonal products with meat in its different forms, obtaining hamburgers and sausages of different flavours, bulls with liver or mushrooms, stuffed or marinated meats.

We offer solutions to today’s consumers for their kitchen with a wide range of cooked dishes, both day-to-day and festive, from roast chicken to more elaborate dishes, as well as cooked legumes.

This illusion for the work well done and the artisan procedures leads us to the maximum recognition with the fidelity shown by our friends and clients throughout the time, at the same time that it was recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya with the awarding of the Diploma of Master of Butcher’s products.

Plaça Nova, 6

Tel. 93 856 00 31

Prats de Lluçanès