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In the urban centre of the city of Vic, in the region of Osona, specifically in the Bisbe Morgades Street, 1, we can observe an eclectic style building.

According to a lintel on the ground floor, this building was finished in 1895. In fact, this is one of the examples that show how the city of Vic was expanded in the direction of the train station.

This is a building on the corner of Doctor Junyent Street. It is a large building, consisting of a ground floor and three upper floors, and is built with stone ashlars.

On the ground floor there are five arched portals. On the first floor, there is also a terrace that stands out.

All the openings on the first floor are joined by a large continuous balcony that runs the whole width of the building. On the second and third floors, each of the openings has a small balcony.

The most outstanding features of this building are the reliefs of classical faces and plant forms above the openings on the first and second floors. We can also highlight the wrought iron railings of all the balconies.