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Bellpuig Castle, also known as Moorish Castle, is located next to the Seven Fountains Park, in Sant Julià de Vilatorta.

Bellpuig Castle is a strong house from the 12th and 13th centuries. Nowadays, the remains of the old castle, formed by two walls from the 12th century, are preserved. From the remains, we can see the presence of different holes, which would serve to put the scaffolding. We can also observe the beginning of a barrel vault. The ground plan of this castle would have been adapted to the orography of the area where it is located.

There is still a legend of Bellpuig Castle. According to legend, during the High Middle Ages, this castle was occupied by the Arab army. In addition, in this castle there was a mine that went from the Pla de la Quintana to the castle. This mine allowed the occupants of the castle to survive anywhere, since from this mine they could go to fetch food and water.

Apparently, the Arab warlord who occupied the castle was in love with an Arab princess named Fatima. Unfortunately for the warlord, this princess ignored him, as she had fallen in love with the Christian heir of Can Badosa. When the Arab warlord learned this, angry at the princess’s rejection, he decided to lock her in the castle prison.

When Can Badosa’s heir learned that his lover had been locked up in prison, he decided to build another mine from his house to the castle. Many days went by until she was able to free her lover from the castle prison.

When the Arab warlord heard the news that the princess had been liberated, he ordered the two lovers to be chased and captured. Luckily for the lovers, they were already far away from Sant Julià and the men of the Arab warlord.