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The Badia Farmhouse is located next to the Plan de la Meuca, in the northwest of the municipality of Sant Feliu Sasserra, in the Llucanès plateau, in the Bages region.

Nowadays the Badia Farmhouse is in a ruinous state, although the grandiosity of this house can still be observed.

A very interesting legend of witchcraft has been preserved in this house.  A legend referring to what happened to the evil powers when a witch died.

According to the legend, in this house lived a family.  This family consisted of an old woman, a widow, who lived with her heir son and his son’s wife.

We do not know what the relationship between the mother-in-law and the young woman was like, but it is true that the young woman said, everywhere, that her mother-in-law was a witch. It was not strange, since all the neighbours of Sant Feliu Sasserra already thought that Badia’s widow was a witch. Apparently, wherever Badia’s widow went, animals always died. Besides, it is seen that in the door of the Badia Farmhouse there was a black cat that never moved. One summer, some young seasonal workers tried to get the cat to move.  They decided to throw a bucket of water on it, but the cat never moved or got wet.  It was the same devil.

Badia’s widow grew older, until the moment came when they had to put her to bed because she was about to die. At that moment, the son and the young woman abandoned her in Badia Farmhouse, and asked a neighbour to be there for her when she had to go and fetch the priest from Sant Feliu to give her last rites.

The day she died, the neighbor in charge went to look for the priest of Sant Feliu Sasserra to give her the last rites.  Apparently, the situation was grotesque, just like the movie “the exorcist”. While the priest was giving her the last rites, Badia’s widow was asking: “Who wants them? The priest always answered: “Give them back to the one who gave them to you!” He continued like this until the last sentence Badia’s widow said, before she died, was “Whoever wants them, they are in the fireplace”.

It turns out that when a witch or sorcerer died, their powers did not disappear, but were inherited by the relative who was closest to him at the time of death.  This is why her son, and the young woman, abandoned her when she was about to die.  We do not know if, once dead, the son and the young woman returned, never again, to the Badia Farmhouse, but it is certain that at present it is in ruins.