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The Olot airfield is located within the municipality of La Vall d’en Bas, just west of the municipality of Les Preses, in the region of La Garrotxa.

This airfield was a secondary or support field. Basically, it was used to move planes from one base to another, or to test new planes and/or pilots.

The construction of this airfield began in 1937, and was located between the river Fluvià, the road to Olot, Mas Verntallat and the road to Sant Sebastià. The field was crossed by a small stream that was attempted to drain, but despite the efforts, the runways were often muddy.

The people in charge of building this camp were the fascist prisoners of war who were in the SIM prisoner camp of Hostalets d’en Bas. The captain in charge of the prisoners was Francisco Martínez Hidalgo.

The camp only went into service twice, for the record. On one occasion, the plane landing was blocked by excessive mud on the runway.