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Guided tours of COOLTUR Cultural Tourism

Guided tours of COOLTUR Cultural Tourism

Come and enjoy and discover the history and heritage of Catalonia with our guided tours.

We are passionate about local history and heritage. We wanted to make our passion a profession. In fact, our aim is to make local history and heritage known. To be able to do so, we have created a large number of tourist routes based on local history and heritage. All our tours are located in different Catalan municipalities. Currently, we have different routes divided into the themes of  WitchcraftLegendsCarlismModernismRomanesqueRoman PeriodAnarchismSpanish Succession War and Spanish Civil War (1936-39).

One of the things we like best is to accompany you through our guided tours. We love being able to tell you, personally, all our tours. In addition, we can also resolve any doubts you may have.

In this sense, we offer you guided tours a la carte. In the guided tours a la carte, we adapt to your needs and interests. You tell us which tour you would like us to accompany you, and what day you would like to do it, and we adapt. In addition, we can also adapt any of our tours to your needs!

So, if you want to discover Catalan history and heritage, don’t hesitate to do so with COOLTUR Cultural Tourism.

There is a world to discover!