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Knowing history and heritage differently

At COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we firmly believe in the great importance of making our history and heritage known to the younger generations. We believe that if the younger generations have a greater knowledge of the history and heritage that surrounds us, we will create greater awareness of the need for conservation of these elements.

One way we have believed that this heritage can be made known is through our tours, which are separated by different themes and are spread over different municipalities of Central Catalonia.

Increase the knowledge they have acquired in class

We are aware that there is not enough time in school courses to be able to explain, in a comprehensive way, all the subjects required by the different school curricula, since there is a great deal of material to be explained in a short period of time.

From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we want to be a complement to the teachings received in schools through all the tours  we have created. Although our tours are proposed at the local level (where the local history is widely known in a specific subject), these explanations can be used to have a knowledge exportable at a general level, as our themes are of general historical facts, such as the Civil War, the Carlist Wars, Witchcraft, Modernism, etc..


Dynamic Activities

We believe that one way to make history and heritage known to the younger generation, and thus expand the knowledge acquired in class, is through dynamic activities.

In this sense, from COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we offer the possibility of making excursions for the students. In these excursions, a member of COOLTUR Cultural Tourism will accompany the students as they are explained, and will be able to answer any questions that may arise during the tour.

These excursions are based on a walking tour in which explanations are linked to the buildings and/or historical monuments. All these excursions can be adapted to the needs of each centre, from adapting the distance of the tour, to adapting the explanations to the level of each course.

We have already done excursions for High Schools, and the students’ experiences have been very positive!

Here you can see our offer of excursions.

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