Discover the remains of Romanesque art in Barcelona

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Among the streets of Barcelona you can still discover different Romanesque churches.

Romanesque art was an artistic movement that took place between the 11th and 13th centuries. Despite being an artistic movement that occurred throughout Europe, from the beginning differences emerged between the different European territories.

In Catalonia, a large number of Romanesque churches have been preserved. The most famous, surely, can be found in the Vall de Boí, as well as in the interior regions of Catalonia. However, it should be noted that Catalan Romanesque art, especially paintings, have been plundered throughout history. Many of these paintings were removed from their original location and, for this reason, few paintings are preserved in situ.

In Barcelona, despite being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, you can still see a large number of remains of Catalan Romanesque art. Among its museums, especially the MNAC, you can find one of the most important collections of Catalan Romanesque art in Catalonia. But apart from the remains preserved in museums, among the streets of Barcelona you can still discover small churches in Romanesque style. These churches are located in the historical centre of Barcelona.

From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we want to help you discover the Romanesque art churches that are still preserved in Barcelona.