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Discover the most unique Romanesque churches in Lluçanès

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In Lluçanès there are still some of the most unique Romanesque churches in Catalonia!

The Lluçanès plateau is a natural region located between the counties of Osona, Bages and Berguedà, in the centre of Catalonia. Lluçanès is made up of 13 small municipalities, and still preserves a wild and rough landscape of great beauty.

In spite of being a sparsely populated plateau, among its municipalities you can find a special singularity. Among the singularities, we can emphasize the wrought iron of Alpens, where in a small postcard village, you will find great artistic works. We can also highlight the history of witchcraft in Sant Feliu Sasserra, where 13 people were prosecuted during the 17th century, accused of the crime of witchcraft. Another town that we cannot forget is Prats de Lluçanès, where the First Carlist War began in all of Catalonia.

Moreover, among the different villages of Lluçanès, you can find high quality artisan products, such as sausages, breads or cheeses. There is also a gastronomic offer that combines traditional cuisine with the most avant-garde cuisine.

But, one of the things that we can highlight, are the Romanesque remains that are still preserved in this natural region. Among its municipalities, you can find small churches and monasteries, of Romanesque style, of a great singularity.

From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we want to help you discover some of the most unique Romanesque churches in Lluçanès.