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The Portal of the old wall of Centelles is located in the urban centre of Centelles, just where the Centelles Town Hall is.

During the 16th century, as a consequence of Centelles’ demographic growth, it was decided to build new walls. These walls were promoted by Guillem Ramon II, male of Centelles and Count of Quirra. These walls had more than one portal, defensive towers and a moat.

In the case of this portal, in the external part we can see a great entrance made with a semicircular arch with worked voussoirs. Above this entrance is the coat of arms of the Centelles family. We can also see four battlements and two loopholes. In the internal part of the portal there are no defensive elements, but there are ornamental elements, such as a moulded window, a small coat of arms and a large arcade with a lowered vault.

In 1917 an attempt was made to demolish this portal, but the Mancomunitat de Catalunya, with its architect Jeroni Martorell, prevented it. In 1927, the Portal room recovered its function as a meeting room for the Centelles Town Hall, in which the Town and County Council had met until the 19th century.