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To the south of the village of Balenyà, in the vicinity of the Pla de les Forques, we can find the remains of the Roman Way, within the municipality of Centelles.

Even today it is said that “all roads lead to Rome”, a phrase that refers to the great roads built by the Roman Empire. Today we can still find some preserved structures of those Roman roads.

In the Osona region, there was a road that connected this region with the city of Barcelona, known as “Barcino”. At this point in Centelles, we can see some remains of this ancient Roman road.

We can see some irregular stones that were part of the pavement. There are also the remains of some retaining walls that, in some sections, can reach two metres in height. These walls are crowned with large, square blocks, from which emerge vertical slabs that acted as wheel guards.

Unfortunately, a large part of these remains were badly damaged when the current C-17 road was built.