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The old Montcada Palace is located where the Roman Temple is today, next to the Pietat square.

The origin of this palace dates back to the 9th century, when a countal tower was built. During the 11th century, therefore, this tower was replaced by a palace built by Guillem Ramon II de Montcada.

During the fifteenth century, this palace hosted the house of the veguer, and during the sixteenth century, until 1882, became the prison of the city.

In 1882 it was decided to demolish the building in an urban reform. While the demolition was taking place, an old cell was found that was related to an old Roman temple. Due to this discovery, we can see some structures of the old Palace of the Montcada. In these remains, we assume that the palace had a ground floor and two floors. It also had a central courtyard.