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Next to the Raig Fountain, just next to the access road to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Rocaprevera, is the Fountain of the Birds.

This fountain is ornamented with a tree made of wrought iron, and a legend has been preserved.

Currently, the patron saint of Torelló’s children is Saint Fortià. In addition, this saint also protects Torelló from storms and droughts. Apparently, devotion to this saint began to be practiced during the Crusades. Apparently, in 1290, a group of people from Torello left to fight in the Crusades in the Holy Land. These men had great successes in the War, and in 1298, when they returned to Torello, the people of the town came out to receive them.

At this point, there are two versions of the legend. One version tells us that as a reward for the victories, these men carried a cedar urn with the relics of the body of Saint Fortià. These men gave the relics to the church of Sant Feliu, and so everyone could venerate them.

Another version of the legend tells us that the relics of Saint Fortià were taken, in Torelló, by a white dove. This dove left the urn next to Rocaprevera, next to this fountain. Once he left the urn, the Rocaprevera bells resounded until the rector, and other clergymen, discovered the urn. In addition, it turns out that where the dove stopped, its footprints were imprinted.

Apparently, a peasant, upon seeing the dove, wanted to hunt. In trying, the peasant was blinded by a light.