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The church of Sant Feliuet is located at the top of a hill in front of the castle of Tavèrnoles, within the municipality of Tavèrnoles.

The first documentary news that is conserved of this church is of the year 1037. In 1302, this church was known as Sant Feliu de Roca.

The church of Sant Feliuet consists of a single nave with a slightly trapezoidal rectangular apse. The nave is covered by a barrel vault.

We can still see two entrance portals. The original is a voussoired semicircular arch. During the 16th century a new entrance door was built where there is a Solomonic star inscribed inside a circle in the central voussoir. Above this door there is a small circle, and a belfry.

Around the pre-Romanesque apse of the church of Sant Feliuet we can see a large number of anthropomorphic tombs. These tombs, which have the human form, are sculpted directly on the stone.