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Catalonia has a great cultural, historical and patrimonial wealth. Unfortunately, much of this wealth has gone unnoticed by all of us. From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we want to change this situation and we want to put in value the culture, history and heritage that is preserved in each municipality.

To be able to reverse this situation, and make you aware of the culture, history and heritage, we decided to create this website. Everything you will find on this website has been created and reviewed by our team of experts.

Therefore, through our website you will be able to find different places to visit, which will allow you to discover the heritage preserved in each municipality. Next, you can discover the heritage elements that we propose:

You can also find a large number of tourist tours based on local history and heritage. Our tours are spread over different municipalities, and if you are interested, we offer you the possibility of doing them in a guided way. The themes of our tours are:

If you are interested in doing any guided activity, or if you would like more information about our proposals, please do not hesitate to contact us!