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Do you like to discover new places? Do you like history and heritage? Do you want to discover the history and heritage of different Catalan municipalities?

From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we make it easy for you. We have created a large number of tourist tours based on local history and heritage. It must also be said that all our tourist tours are located in different Catalan towns.


Besides, we have to say that we are a different company. In fact, we believe that the Culture is a Universal Good and, therefore, everyone should be able to have access to it. It is for this reason that in all our tours you can download, free of charge, some pdf. With these pdf, you will have the information of the tour. In addition, you can also download the tracks of the tours so as not to get lost.

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Although if you wish it, we can accompany you! In these accompaniments, we will be able to explain to you, amply, the history of the route. In addition, we will also be able to answer any doubts you may have. If you are interested in our direct explanation of the tours we have created, we offer you the guided tours a la carte. In this sense, we adapt to your needs, both in the route to do, in the schedule, as in the explanations.

In our web page, you will be able to find all the tourist tours that we offer you. All of them have been created by our team of historians and archaeologists.

From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we hope to be able to accompany you through our tourist tours.

In addition, we remain at your disposal if you have any doubts and / or questions.