Since childhood we have always liked history and popular culture. We still remember those evenings when our grandparents told us stories of when they were little, and we listened attentively to them, always asking for new stories. We grew up, and our interest in culture and history grew to such an extent that we decided to study history at university. Our dream was to discover new things from our past.

When we finished our university studies, we were fortunate enough to be able to work as archaeologists for a few years. The work was great, as it allowed us to discover, first-hand, historical places throughout Catalonia. We were fulfilling our dream of discovering the past and solving the great unknowns of ancient civilizations. Everything was going well until the economic crisis of early 2000. This crisis put an end to the work of archaeologists, and we had to earn our living in other jobs. Without wanting to, we found ourselves suddenly working on things that didn’t fill us personally, and we had to give up our dream when we were little.

In spite of the adversities, we did not want to stop working with works related to Culture, so we decided to create the company COOLTUR Cultural Tourism, a different Cultural Tourism company. From COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we offer a wide range of cultural tourist routes, created by ourselves, distributed in the themes of Witchcraft, Legends, Carlists, Modernism, Romanesque, Roman Period, Anarchism, Spanish Succession War and Spanish Civil War (1936-39). Like all the companies of Cultural Tourism, we offer to make any of our routes with a specialized guide who will be able to solve your doubts. In addition, as we have said, we are a different company, as we firmly believe that Culture is a Universal Good, and this is why all our routes are in open format.

The work has not been easy, and since we started this project there were few who understood us. In spite of the difficulties, we work every day to offer you new routes that allow you to know part of the collective history (our own and yours) and at the same time to discover new places.

What do we offer?

Unlike the rest of Cultural Tourism companies, we are not just intermediaries, but we offer you a wide range of cultural tourist tours, created by ourselves and distributed in different themes. 


We offer the possibility of making guided tours for groups, putting ourselves at the disposal of the group’s needs, both in the chosen route and in the day and time to make the tour. For more information.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.