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COOLTUR Cultural Tourism was born in 2017 with the aim of promoting local culture, history and heritage. Everything you find on our website has been supervised by our Team, which is made up of people with a long experience of studying and dealing with history and heritage.

On our website you can find different sections that will allow you to discover the culture, history and heritage of different municipalities. In addition, we also offer you the possibility of carrying out guided activities.

Thus, we can highlight the places to visit. Here there are several places that will allow you to discover the villages of Catalonia. Below, you can see on the map the different places you can find on our website.

You will also find, on our website, a wide range of tourist tours based on history and heritage. All the tours have been created by our team, and are spread over different municipalities. The themes of our tours are:

If you are interested in doing any guided activity, or if you want to have more information about our proposals, please contact us!