Alpens 2019 Youth Fair

The Youth Fair will be held in Alpens 2019 on the 18th and 19th of May. As every year, the Alpens Youth Fair will be held this coming weekend. Throughout the weekend, Alpens will fill up with activities for all audiences. On Saturday 18, there will be a morning walk around the contours of Alpens. [...]

Explore the History, Culture and Heritage of Catalonia

Take advantage of the arrival of good weather to explore the History, Culture and Heritage of Catalonia through the cultural tourist tours of COOLTUR Cultural Tourism. Finally, the good weather is coming! The fields are already blooming, and the day is getting longer. It's a good time to go on excursions with family or friends. [...]

Enjoy Easter in Catalonia

Enjoy Easter in Catalonia and discover the history and heritage of different Catalan municipalities with the tours that we offer you from COOLTUR Cultural Tourism. If you do not know what to do during this Easter, from COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we offer you a wide range of possibilities. Enjoy Easter by discovering the History and [...]

COOLTUR Cultural Tourism in AUSA Magazine

The magazine AUSA, of the Patronat de Estudis Osonencs, has published an article by COOLTUR Cultural Tourism on the military occupation of Prats de Lluçanès during the Spanish Civil War. Since 1952, the Patronat de Estudis Osonencs has been publishing the AUSA magazine, a magazine in which articles on different subjects are published to broaden [...]
COOLTUR Turisme Cultural - Ruta de la Guerra Civil a Vic - Primer diumenge de Febrer de 2019 - Escola Escorial

Guided Tours of February Sundays in Vic

More than 120 people have accompanied us in the tour of the Civil War in Vic that we have done during the Sundays of February. Organized by the Tourist Office of Vic, every month a thematic guided tour takes place on Sundays. This year, for the second consecutive year, from COOLTUR Cultural Tourism we have [...]

80 Years of Franco’s occupation of Les Preses

On 7 February 1939, different bodies of the Ifni Shooters, together with the 82nd Division of the "Corps of the Maestrazgo" of the Francoist army, occupied Les Preses and Olot. Throughout the war, Les Preses had been home to different members of the special section of the XV International Brigade, also known as the "Death [...]